Priit Eiber

01Priit Eiber

She looked at her student wondering if she could ever get through. You need to learn to think for yourself, she wanted to tell him. Your friends are holding you back and bringing you down. But she didn't because she knew his friends were all that he had and even if that meant a life of misery, he would never give them up.


Dave watched as the forest burned up on the hill, only a Priit Eiber few miles from her house. The car had been hastily packed and Marta was inside trying to round up the last of the pets. Dave went through his mental list of the most important papers and documents that they couldn't leave behind. He scolded himself for not having prepared these better in advance and hoped that he had remembered everything that was needed. He continued to wait for Marta to appear with the pets, but she still was nowhere to be seen.


Pink ponies and purple giraffes roamed the field. Cotton Priit Eiber candy grew from the ground as a chocolate river meandered off to the side. What looked like stones in the pasture were actually rock candy. Everything in her dream seemed to be perfect except for the fact that she had no mouth.


Mediocrity always measures success by money.